Who all was involved with the making of this game?

The Team

Steve Bader

Development, Game Design

Lidia Churakova

Storyboard Lead, Animation Lead, Game Design, Concept Art, Story, UI Design, Illustration, Content Research

Jordan Deva

Animation, Game Design

Cathi Dunnagan

Instructional Design, Game Design

Laurie Gyalog

Project Coordination

Randy Hayes

Sound Design

Ben Huckaby

System Architecture, Development Lead, UI Development, Game Design, Art Direction

Meredith Laxton

Concept Art Lead, Illustration Lead, Character Development, Content Research, Game Design, Storyboards, Animation, UI Design

Rachel Lloyd

Development, Database Design

Kendre McNulty

Development, Game Design

Stephen Minervino

Illustration, Animation, UI design

Shannon Pratt-Phillips

Game Design, Subject-Matter Expert

Amanda Robertson

Creative Director, Producer, Game Design, Story

Ben Scott

Development, Game Design

David Tredwell

System Architecture, Game Design, Art Direction, Mobile Development Lead, UI Development